Why Designs are in EMB format?
Our old designs are in EMB format, where as our all current and new designs are in all format.

Any permanent Solution to EMB formats?

You can download "Wilcom True sizer" to convert our EMB designs to your required format anytime.It is a free software for conversion.You can download it from here:

How to convert the Designs using Wilcom True Sizer?

Benefits of Wilcom True Sizer?

1) You can convert the Designs purchased from our website.

2) Best software for conversion and even support all formats.
3) You can even re size our designs to great extent using it.Here is a tutorial:

Split Embroidery Designs?
Yes, our designs can be split ed easily.Since we are providing the Designs in EMB fromat, you can split it easily in one step using any Wilcom Software.Further, we will split the paid Embroidery Designs order for our members but in that case we strongly recommend to contact us before buying the designs, as every designs cannot be splited.

Size of Designs is very Large, any Solution?

Yes, you can  re-size our designs to large extent.Un like other formats,EMB designs can be re sized to a great extent. Till now, two of our members has re size the designs and stitches perfectly without any problem.Please note that you have to do test stitches in case of re sized designs.

Suggestion: You may download the true sizer and convert the designs from EMB to your format any time.Further this will also allow you to re size the designs to great extent.Just have a try after re sizing a designs but please note that test stitches is must and only EMB designs can be re sized.

Please note that we have listed all such tips and issues at our forum and help desk.You can visit our forum and can have a solution to this.